I am Joris Van den Bossche, an open source python enthusiast. I am core contributor to Pandas, and I am currently working at Voltron Data to advance Arrow-based data tools in Python. I am also a freelance teacher and developer.

I did a PhD at Ghent University and VITO in air quality research (assessing spatial variation in urban air pollution using portable monitors). Afterwards, I was engaged in the CurieuzeNeuzen project, a big citizen science air quality project.

I am a core developer of Pandas, the main data analysis library in Python and have given several tutorials on this topic at international conferences (PyData Paris and EuroScipy) and courses at universities. Further, I am one of the maintainers of GeoPandas, a library to make working with spatial vector data in Python easy. I also contributed to scikit-learn (see e.g. blogpost on the ColumnTransformer), and am now working on Apache Arrow.